Italian Influenced Menu Suggestion

Selection of Antipasti

Selection of Marinated Olives and Dipping Oils
Lemon and Fennel Seed Marinated Artichokes
Marinated Sun-dried Tomatoes with Basil and Parmesan
Marinated Garlic and Rosemary Wild Mushrooms
Selection of Ciabatta, Bruscetta, Focaccia and Grissini
Selection of Dried Cured Meat (supplement of £4.00 per person plus VAT)


Roast Sliced Leg Of Lamb stuffed with Rosemary, Garlic and Sun-dried Tomatoes with a rich Marsala Jus

served with roasted mediterranean vegetables and sauted potatoes


Lemon Syllabub infused with Limoncella and served with Biscotti


Fresh Ground Coffee served in Cafetieres